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Drug-Free All Stars at the Family Crisis Center of East Texas

The Drug-Free All Stars of Angelina County, funded by a grant from TxDOT, are a group of high school seniors that serve as role models for the community by living an alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free life. For their December monthly meeting, the Drug-Free All Stars visited the Family Crisis Center of East Texas. During their visit, the All Stars heard how the Family Crisis Center helps the community through prevention, education, and training community members about relationships, partner/family violence, and assault. The students also adopted two families through the Family Crisis Center and fulfilled their wish lists for this holiday season. Special thank you to Whitney Burran, Executive Director, for hosting the Drug-Free All Stars and Angela Turner, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, for coordinating the Adopt a Family Campaign.

Front row, from left to right: Isabella Contreras, Dayenara Lopez, Marley Martin, Shadye Forrest, and Helena Nerren. Second row, from left to right: Iyonna Card, Cate Barrett, Kylie Ridings, Breanna Hodges, Haley Wallace, Rachel Bonnin, Abby Bennett, Kathryn Teague, and Whitney Burran (Family Crisis Center Executive Director.) Third row, from left to right: Macie Bearden, Macy True, Erin Jones, Mackenzie McCaslin, Perla Tovar, and Kaelyn Abbott. Fourth row, from left to right: Wyatt Murray Chip Buchanan, Russell Reid, Ashton Martin-Kibbey, Mehki Matthews, Landon Mundt, and Landon Campbell. Fifth row, from left to right; Cole Davis, Carson Basham, Jake King, Randy Stephens, Andrew Alamo, and Carson McKnight. Last row, from left to right: Travis Murray, Preston Jelinek, and Grant Ashby.

Since 1988, The Coalition has focused on eliminating the use of harmful substances by affecting public policy, laws, attitudes, and behaviors, all in an effort to foster healthy life-long choices for the local community. For more information about the Drug-Free All Stars contact Abby Baker at The Coalition at 936-634-9308.


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