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Drug-Free All Star Meeting at the Angelina County Jail

For the Drug-Free All Star October meeting, the All Stars toured the Angelina County Jail and received training to participate in alcohol compliance checks. The Drug-Free All Stars of Angelina County are a group of high school seniors that serve as role models for the community by living an alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free life. The All Stars saw first-hand the consequences of substance misuse and what daily life is like for inmates. Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission Sergeant Bryant Jones trained the Drug-Free All Stars to conduct alcohol compliance checks to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors by local businesses. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (2021), 15.1% of youth aged 12 to 20 used alcohol in the past month. Alcohol compliance checks are an important prevention strategy to reduce alcohol access for minors.

A special thank you to Sheriff Tom Selman, Warden Nick Gardner, Judge Billy Ball, Captain Alton Lenderman, Mental Health Deputy Jennifer Payne, and Sergeant Bryant Jones for providing this experience for the All Stars. To find out more about the Drug-Free All Star program, contact Abby Baker at (936) 634-9308.

The Drug-Free All Star program aims to reduce underage drinking, and in partnership with TxDOT, reduce crashes, injuries and death on Texas roadways.

Pictured front row, from left: Trent Gorman and Adrian Hernandez. Second row, from left: Natalie Courtney, Bryan Cordero, Natalie Limon, Emily Awtrey, Samantha Burns, Annabelle Liddle, Giselle Jaime, and Jolie Garcia. Third row, from left: Cara Phillips, Baylee Williams, Abby Kerr, Kristina Guardado, Ava Alaniz-Guerrero, Danica Barrera, Madison Greak, Skye Wyckoff, Zahra Martinez, Alyssa Luna, Elizabeth Jacobo, Alayna Durham, and Maegan Gomez. Fourth row, from left: Chloe Wyatt-Chittum, Ti’ara Nieves, Dulce Flores, Ciara Harris, Roxana Flores, Justice Jackson, Kaylie Blaylock, Cece Rodgers, Brylee Barbee, Kenady Hathorn, Danielle Christian, Hannah Adams, Zach Rowell, Martin Aguilar III, and Alexander Tiu. Back row, from left: Cailyn Crow, Dallas Harrell, Jacob Jennings, Jamia Walker, Kiara Rodgers, De’Andrew Dodd, Chloe Napier, and Katy Howard.


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