Quitting a tobacco or nicotine addiction isn’t easy.


In fact, it takes the average person 7-9 times to actually quit smoking for good. The Coalition is here to help with free resources!

Support Group
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The Coalition, Inc. offers the best and most comprehensive tobacco cessation plan through Project Quit. Project Quit offers:

  • Small-group cessation classes (in-person and/or virtual) with research-based curriculum;

  • Access to our exclusive Project Quit Facebook group for support and motivation;

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) through the Texas Quitline at no cost for eligible participants;

  • Additionally, because no single quit plan is right for all smokers, Project Quit presents a variety of evidence-based techniques for individuals to combine into their own plan to quit smoking.


Watch The Coalition’s Facebook page for details or call 936-634-9308 for more information. To join Project Quit, click the button below!


Call 1-877-YES-QUIT and sign up for the statewide quit program.  It’s confidential, free and convenient! Participants will have someone to talk to who understands exactly what it takes to quit. And best of all, the program of professional support can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking. The Quitline includes these benefits:

  • Quit Coach® – Counseling sessions tailored to you, with a focus on your preparation for the quit attempt and long-term success

  • Access to self-help booklets designed to keep you motivated and prepared for life without smoking or tobacco

  • Some participants might be eligible for free or reduced cost nicotine-replacement therapy aids.


Visit to enroll in the online quit program. When you join the online program, a Quit Coach® will help you become an expert in living without tobacco using “The Four Essential Practices to Quit for Life” principles based on 25 years of research and experience helping people quit tobacco. The online program includes these benefits:

  • An online interactive quiz to help you think about your reasons for quitting and show you how the program can help you every step of the way

  • A free downloadable e-book on how to make quitting manageable

  • Access to a live Enrollment Specialist to keep you motivated