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Drug-Free All Star Meeting with Woodland Heights

Recently, the Drug-Free All Stars met with Stephen Bennett, Director of Emergency Services at Woodland Heights Medical Center. The All Stars heard Mr. Bennett speak on the dangers of distracted and drugged driving. He discussed in depth with them the effects that distractions can have on people as they are driving and how those distractions can lead them to the Emergency Room. Mr. Bennett also discussed the effects of drug use on people’s cognitive abilities and how that can alter their ability to drive safely. The Coalition would like to thank Jennifer Stevens, Director of Marketing for Woodland Heights Medical Center, for making this meeting possible.


Since 1988, The Coalition has focused on eliminating the use of harmful substances by affecting public policy, laws, attitudes and behaviors, all in an effort to foster healthy life-long choices for the local community. For more information about the Drug-Free All Star program, contact Abby Baker at The Coalition at 936-634-9308.

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