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Drug-Free All Stars 2020-2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The Coalition is proud to announce the incoming class of Drug-Free All Stars for 2020-2021. The Drug-Free All Stars are a group of high school seniors from Angelina County that are hand selected to serve as role models for their community by living a tobacco, drug, and

alcohol-free lifestyle. Drug-Free All Stars are active throughout the school year by volunteering their time in the community and promoting a life free of harmful substances. The All Stars from this year consist of 59 students from the eight Angelina County high schools including: Central, Diboll, Hudson, Huntington, Lufkin, Pineywoods Community Academy, Zavalla, and Lead Academy.

Click the arrow to see pictures of all our All-Stars.

Central Drug Free All Stars include Tanner Bearden, Cecilia Hurtado Marroquin, and Madison Shoemaker.

Diboll Drug-Free All Stars include Noah Farr, Alyssa Garza, Natalie Lopez, Julissa Montoya, Halle Rice, Alexus Shurley, Jessica Stephens, Reagan Toole, and Emma Williams.

Huntington Drug-Free All Stars include Halle Flynt, Erin Hamilton, Kaitlin Jenkins, Abby Kirkland, Emma McGuire, Dylan Murphy, Kaden Reep, Anna Squyres, and Casey Whitley.

Hudson Drug-Free All Stars include Emma Airington, Meghan Cox, Jesse Daniel, Mallory Germany, Warren Green, Stella Huckabee, Jazmine Jamison, Wendy Ramos, Raylei Smith, Jacob Tullos, and Abby Wilson.

Lead Academy Drug-Free All Star is Madelynn Zbylot.

Lufkin Drug-Free All Stars include Gracie Bonnin, Blayre Brent, Victoria Concha, Matthew Gorman, Michael Hill, José Jamie, Minhal Khan, Zach Karn, Kaylie Kruk, Abbey Lantis, Caroline McDaniel, Tiffany Merino, Taha Nazeer, Gaby Olalde, Brooke Randolph, and Haylee Shumway.

Pineywoods Community Academy Drug-Free All Stars include Kaitlyn Carrier, Kaden Eastwood, Slade Havard, Zoey Robuck, and Madilyn Simmons.

Zavalla Drug-Free All Stars include Holden Boulware and Callie Grimes.

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