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Drug-Free All Stars Meet with Representative Trent Ashby

Pictured with Representative Ashby are Drug-Free All Stars Madilyn Simmons, Holden Boulware, Emma Airington, and Gracie Bonnin.


In preparation for the start of the start of the 87th Texas legislative session, four Drug-Free All Stars met with Representative Trent Ashby to share information on topics that directly impact high school students. Madilyn Simmons (Pineywoods Community Academy) shared information about raising the alcohol excise tax in Texas and how that would help curb underage drinking. Emma Airington (Hudson High School) discussed the importance of funding tobacco prevention at recommended CDC levels. Gracie Bonnin (Lufkin High School) explained how classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products would help reduce youth use. Holden Boulware (Zavalla High School) spoke about the importance of specialty court funding for reducing recidivism and helping offenders with substance abuse issues reintegrate into society. The Coalition, Inc. would like to thank Representative Ashby for meeting with these students and listening to the problems that affect them and other students in Texas.

Since 1988, The Coalition has focused on eliminating the use of harmful substances by affecting public policy, laws, attitudes and behaviors, all in an effort to foster healthy life-long choices for the local community. For more information about Drug-Free All Stars, contact Abby Baker at The Coalition at 936-634-9308.


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